Data Lineage Services

Experts in the entire lifecycle of data governance.


Leading the industry with a combination of data lineage products and services.

Our data lineage product, MetaDex, combined with our expertise in the entire lifecycle of data governance has allowed us to deploy dozens of data lineage solutions for some of the world’s largest companies.

Meet Regulatory Compliance Requirements

Our experts help you implement BCBS 239, DFAST, CCAR, and other changing regulations worldwide.

Automatic Processes to Extract Metadata

Our automatic processes extract metadata from technologies ranging from mainframes to big data. The result is up-to-date data lineage at your fingertips.

Data Lineage Services

Companies worldwide turn to Compact Solutions to help them integrate and deploy powerful and sophisticated applications. While every project is different, we usually follow 3 phases.

Phase 1

Technical Implementation of Metadex

Phase 2

Operationalize the Tool & Transition to Steady State

Phase 3

Extend Services to Business Areas (Self Service)

Example Extraction for Data Lineage Workflow & Process

Can you trust the data your IT department delivers?

How many different data integration and processing systems does your IT department rely on?

Your data strategy, marketing strategy, and even product strategy depends on that answer.

Do you understand how those numbers are calculated across your complete environment?

  • Where did they come from?
  • How were they calculated?
  • Are they up to date and reliable?
  • Who is responsible for those values?
  • Is the process of data integration transparent and traceable?


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