Data Lineage and Governance

Can you trust your data lineage?


End-to-End Lineage

Build a map of your internal applications showing where data comes from, what applications utilize it, and where it goes next.


MetaDex is a metadata integration platform that extends built-in capabilities of metadata repositories. It allows customers to extract metadata quickly and cost effectively from multi-vendor environments to provide end-to-end data lineage. ETL and ELT (SQL based) extracts for the critical development of custom lineage extractors whenever necessary.

Make Better Business Decisions

Compact Solutions implements the complete metadata integration of lifecycle, from software delivery and installation, through metadata integration, to production deployments and user training.

Most cultures already have some idea and have a complete picture. I do not care about your decisions, but do not worry about it. Timely and accurate figures.

The Power of Automation

Automatically add elements not supported by your management suite, including ones not natively supported. Save significant time in tracking down where poor data originates from and aid in reducing the risks you are exposed to. Automating this process also allows you to quickly bring in new data streams as your data sources change.

Data Lineage Services

Companies worldwide turn to Compact Solutions to help them integrate and deploy powerful and sophisticated applications. While every project is different, we usually follow 3 phases.


Phase 1

Technical Implementation of Metadex

Phase 2

Operationalize the Tool & Transition to Steady State

Phase 3

Extend Services to Business Areas (Self Service)

Work with Problem Solvers You Can Trust

We’ve spent 15 years developing and improving our lineage solutions and services so they impact your business decisions everyday.

We Save you both time and money by identifying where the data in your reports originates and systems where poor quality data exists.


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