MetaDex provides full end-to-end visibility of data flow through the enterprise.

Beyond Compliance, Transformative Enterprises Use Governance to Drive Business Decisions

These companies see the value in getting data right.

Choose a product that allows traceability of information flows from a receipt all the way back to data in your source systems in a multi-vendor landscape– reusing existing technical, business, and operational metadata.

Integrate Everything

By combining the bridge built in information Governance Catalogs with our own patent pending technology, we are able to integrate metadata from most of the data processing platforms.

Analyze End-to-End Data Lineage

With accurate, integrated data, proper lineage analysis can be performed to fully understand the way a particular piece of information moves through a system.


  • Understand movement to the level of every single database column
  • Visualize data at the data file field
  • See every single component in an ETL job
  • Access every single expression being applied to the value

Use MetaDex™ for Impact Analysis

Understand the impact of any changing data object or application on all downstream objects and applications.


  • Know which tables, ETL jobs or BI reports are affected by a single field change
  • Understand which elements of your system should be taken into account when planning the change and tested after the change is implemented
  • Access a complete list of affected assets for every change you are about to make


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